VMLEH410 Series

• 4 Way Movement
• Larger glass features the largest field of view for west coast mirror
• Shatter-Proof glass
• Mirror designed to fit any standard 17-1/2” C bracket
• Mirror glass heating element provides quick and even defogging
• Polished 304 Stainless Steel body
• ADR approved side marker clearance light which provides additional safety by indicating the widest point of the vehicle to oncoming drivers
• 304 stainless steel mounting hardware included
• Features our very own R&D Heavy-duty motor for fast smooth and quiet adjustments
• Automatic slip clutch for manual adjustments without gear damage
• Glare proof glass provides additional safe driving from the bright sun and driving light approaching from the rear

P/N: VMLEH410LH Mirror Motorised with LED light and heater – LH
P/N: VMLEH410RH Mirror Motorised with LED light and heater – RH

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